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NATA STILL not welcome in NY

Following his group’s rejection from a punk gig in February, Craig Fitzgerald and a handful of his followers attempted to enter the New York Anarchist Bookfair a few weeks ago.

They were told by the anarchists to go away.

This weekend Fitzgerald & Co are threatening to drive The Reds out of New York by posing outside their bookshops and gathering spaces.

Good luck with that.

NATA-NY not welcome in New York

Following the collapse of BANANAs in 2011 — and the fiery denunciation of its leader, Andrew White (‘Andrew Yeoman’) by chief NA ideologue Troy Southgate — it’s been left to a small handful of kooks in New York to raise the NA banner in that part of the world. Last Thursday, a handful of them tried to attend a punk gig. It was not a success. NYC antifa has more:

NATA Kicked to the Curb at “Punks Against Police” Mattinee
Posted on February 23, 2013 by valdinoci

Controversy surrounded the February 16th “Punks Against Police” matinee. Originally to be held at ABC No Rio, it was moved to a venue in East Williamsburg after discussions regarding the affiliation of one band member with NATA-NY (National “Anarchist” Tribal Alliance – New York), and in particular of his promotion of the show in National “Anarchist” circles. Tensions regarding the show cooled after organizers and the band in question publicly denounced NATA and their positions. Nonetheless, NATA’s founder, Craig Fitzgerald, commented on the show’s Facebook event page that “NATA would be in attendance.”

True to his word, Fitzgerald assembled 7 National “Anarchists” and attempted to “storm the show.” Apparently, they didn’t get much farther than the stairwell, where they were promptly ejected, and then heckled as they lingered on the sidewalk. Defeated, the group posted an “Anti-Antifa” sticker outside the venue, and wandered around East Williamsburg, curiously stopping for a few photos near a camel in a nearby playground before dispersing.

Before they were ejected from the show, NATA kept a relatively low profile. Now their secret is out. They aren’t anarchists or freedom fighters, they are right-wingers trying to worm their way into radical circles. Our reservations about the affiliations and attitudes of one of the bands aside, we are happy that punks and radicals in New York, as fractured as they are, can at least agree that NATA’s Third Positionist, racial separatist, and anti-Semitic rhetoric should be given no tolerance and no forum…

National Anarchist rally in Sydney, November 24th, 2012

A handful of racist national anarchists rallied in Sydney in November. slackbastard (December 7th) provides the following account:


Two weeks ago in Sydney, a small group of White-nationalists-in-anarchist-drag rocked up to a rally against the latest Israeli attack on Gaza (aka ‘Operation Pillar of Defense’, November 17). Armed with banners, Anonymous masks and bizarro political merch (branded tees and the like), the 10 or so wingnuts were soon identified as hostile by members of the crowd, who proceeded to isolate them outside the Town Hall. Reportedly, an attempt was made to confiscate one of their banners, which was unsuccessful. The White nationalists were then surrounded by police, and remained silent and stationary at the Town Hall for the duration of the rally.

So, who were these wEiRd0eS?

Their propaganda proclaimed them to be ‘national anarchists’. While the term may seem oxymoronic, ‘national anarchism’ is in fact an ideological development on the far right, one whose immediate origins can be traced back to the late 1980s and early 1990s and attempts by racists and fascists to find a place for their activities among anarchists in England. The standard account of this fringe and its evolution during this period is ‘Co-opting the Counter Culture: Troy Southgate and the National Revolutionary Faction’, Graham D. Macklin, Patterns of Prejudice, Vol.39, No.3, September 2005.

Despite having some initial success (fooling a handful of leftists, including the recently-deceased Terry Liddle, into collaborating with them), Southgate and his followers found little real political purchase among radicals. (Of course organising, from the mid-2000s, a talking-shop in London, calling it ‘New Right’, and inviting various extreme-right wing loons — including Holocaust-denialists and other mentalists — to talk shit to other wEiRd0eS doesn’t help any.) In any event, Southgate & Co have sensibly turned to the online world for support and in this realm they’ve been reasonably successful, the milieu specialising in virtual political expressions, seemingly on the basis of Ein Volk, Ein Blog (my favorite being a Hitler-worshipping Afro-punk).

In Australia, the national anarchists (hereafter referred to as gnats) announced their existence back in 2007, when a group of around 20 or so right-wing loons of diverse origins — including Darrin Hodges (above), the (former) leader of the anti-Muslim ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ in NSW, and disgraced academic and White racialist Andrew Fraser — gathered at the APEC counter-protests, also in Sydney. (See : Anarchist statement on the New Right, October 21, 2007.) As in the more recent incident, at APEC the racist wankers were isolated and protected by a large number of police.

The principal exponent of ‘national anarchism’ in Australia is a Sydney-based small businessman named Welf Herfurth (above, with Adelaide-based Holocaust denialist Fredrick Töben, together holding an NPD flag belonging to German neo-Nazi Horst Mahler), who has been joined in the past by a handful of Victorians (including a young Creatard from Geelong named Scott Harrison), a student from Perth named Nicholas Cole, and more recently several boneheads. Thus for reasons best known to themselves, the members of the Australian franchise of the US-based neo-Nazi Volksfront gang cultivated close links with Herfurth & Co in Sydney; following its formal dissolution in October (seemingly as a result of US pressure on the group in the wake of neo-Nazi skinhead Wade Michael Page’s murderous spree), it would seem reasonable to expect former VF members to increase the level of their activity on behalf of the gnats/New Right. As it stands, it’s difficult to gauge the seriousness with which the gnats in Sydney intend to continue to provoke the left, but a source in Sydney’s Chinatown reckons former VF member Steev Levings [?] is keen, and Steev’s political loyalties find graphic expression on his body:

The recent Gaza intervention is one of just a handful of public manifestations by gnats, who for whatever reason seem to be concentrated in Sydney (as is the Australia First Party and Australian Protectionist Party), while Melbourne can boast of being the centre of B&H and Hammerskin activity and the tiny groupuscule Nationalist Alternative. Further afield, the gnats appear to have only been able to maintain a temporary presence on The Streets of San Francisco — in the shape of a bunch of BANANAs. A beat-down on BANANA leader Andrew White (‘Andrew Yeoman’) on May Day a coupla years ago — and his subsequent denouncement by ideologue Southgate as a psychopath and race traitor — put paid to White’s dream of a Bay Area purged of non-Whites, but not before the racist loser paid a visit to Australia to address AF’s annual conference the (2009) Sydney Forum (at which his kamerad Welf Herfurth performs as MC).

Otherwise, the gnats may be located within a wider attempt by the far right to re-articulate a form of racist nationalism, one which has taken on increasing significance, especially in Europe, over the last few decades. See, for example: Czech Republic : The Big Neo-Nazi Crib ( | Germany : German city battles elusive new-look neo-Nazis (Reuters) | Italy : CasaPound’s First Big Outing in Rome Was a Snooze-Fest, (Giuseppe Pisani, Vice).

Finally, as Durruti put it:

Fascism is not to be debated, it is to be smashed.

Dead Guy (2): Richard Hunt

Joining dead guy Jonathan Bowden is fellow Englishman Richard Hunt. Fascist websites report Richard as having shuffled off this mortal coil on May 2, aged 79. Hunt was a mad bastard with an inheritance, who played a key role in developing national anarchist ideology in his capacity as one of the founding editors of the zine Green Anarchist (and later Alternative Green). His principal work was a self-published book titled To End Poverty – The Starvation of the Periphery by the Core (1997). Richard’s efforts to reconcile left and right, anarchist and green politics, big ideas and little villages met with an increasingly hostile response from anarchist critics, especially as right-wing, racist and fascist elements were welcomed into his organising projects in the name of a kind of political ecumenism.

Richard Hunt and Alternative Green

Southgate’s espousal of Evolian Traditionalism underwent further ideological morphology through his contact with the anarcho-primitivist ideas of Richard Hunt, the founding editor of Green Anarchist who had been forced to resign over his support for the Gulf War. Southgate was exposed to Hunt’s ideas through the pages of Perspectives, the journal of the Transeuropa Collective that eventually merged with his new publication Alternative Green. Hunt’s ideas found their fullest expression in his book To End Poverty (1997), which argues that poverty in the ‘periphery’ is caused by western trade demands on a developing world that is starved to feed the core’. This ‘progress’ represents an extension of the taxation and wage slavery that encourages the growth of an increasingly urbanized and ‘biologically unhealthy’ population, creating poverty and crime as society hurtles towards ‘total social breakdown’. Hunt’s panacea is to return to ‘the original affluent society’ of the self-sufficient hunter-gatherer living in rural communes, protected by armed militias (evoking the murderous post-apocalyptic tribalism of the Mad Max trilogy) and regimented by a ‘peck order’ of ‘respect and influence’, bound by ‘kinship’, that would reestablish family values and foster a primitive communalism immune to capitalism…

More here.

Dead Guy (1): Jonathan Bowden

English New Right figure Jonathan Bowden is dead. The following, tearful tribute is stolen from the blog anti-fascists-online.

Bowden’s film/breakdown “Punch and Judy”. The icon says “High Quality is On”. It most certainly wasn’t.

News has emerged that Jonathan Bowden, often spoken of as the “Leading Intellectual of the Far Right” died at the end of March. Although he was no longer a member of the BNP (having been accused, at one point, of paedophilia by the Griffin Camp) and largely concentrated his political efforts on his and Troy Southgate’s tiny “New Right” outfit, Jonathan Bowden was still occasionally mentioned on the Talkboards as potential BNP Leadership material.

One-Time BNP “Cultural Officer” (which is a bit like the Morning Star employing a Society Columnist), he was variously described (usually by himself) as a Philosopher, Author, Poet, Artist and Filmmaker.

All of which he did badly. How badly? Oh, let me count the ways…

The first problem comes when we try to assess the evidence. It’s difficult to get a handle on what Mr Bowden was trying to achieve much of the time, because of the language he employed. Not that it was bad, or anything – there was just so damned much of it:

“It is clear to me that the New Right is diverse and diachronic in form. Like the refracted sides of a cerulean gem it casts many different slants afoot. All of these shimmer and break against a dark glass.”

See what I mean? It’s as though there’s someone out there who thinks “Call My Bluff” is a roleplaying game.

But that’s just the refracted tip of a cerulean iceberg.

He went on. My God, how he went on…

“there is a complicated interaction between post-modernist diction and historical revisionism over the Shoah. Its extreme relativism, metaphysical subjectivism and heuristic bias lends itself to micrological analysis, rather like Kracuer’s estimation of the German film industry. Nonetheless, the hermeneutical peasouper which clings to Paul de Mann’s Blindness & Insight definitely has something to do with his own partiality for writing on behalf of Leon Degrelle-like journals during that conflict.”

Still with me? You’re doing better than my local Professor of Philosophy, then. The cleverest person I know. The woman you want on your pub quiz team. (So long as there are no questions about Sport. Or Telly. Or Food. Or Geography. Or indeed any aspect of the Real World.) I once sent her the link to Bowden’s (also now defunct) website and she dutifully spent a couple of hours soaking in the Great Man’s intellect.

Her conclusion? “He’s a bit bonkers, isn’t he? Knows a lot of words but doesn’t know what any of them mean.”

But Bowden didn’t confine himself to writing and being an “Orator of great power” (his words). The World can give thanks that he spread himself around all the genteel arts.

He painted, too. With evocative titles like “All In Wrestling Fire Brain”, “Bivouac Medusa” and the ever-popular “Duchamp’s Slag Head”, Bowden seemed to be striving for the same qualities that Picasso might have achieved if only he’d had access to massive quantities of Crack.

And if he’d never bothered to actually learn how to paint.

In anyone else, such an embarrassment of talents would be enough; but Jonathan Bowden wasn’t anyone else.

He was also a Filmmaker. Oh yes.

I’m on safe ground here. Work in the Trade, don’t you know. Not only that, but I’ve long been an aficionado of bad cinema. The really bad stuff. I seek it out. Hell-sometimes I’ve worked on it. Not for a connoisseur like me, the merely poor – you can see Danny Dyer movies anywhere – but the hardcore: The notorious 1940’s Jesus movie shot with an amateur cast of Midwesterners and the immortal line “Which one o’ y’all’s gonna bee-tray me?”. The Hindi “Superman”. The North Korean Godzilla movie. I seek out my trash with the obsession and dedication of a Trekkie with Asberger’s.

So I’m pretty hardened to duff cinema (I also spent years assessing the output of Film Students, which helps – anyone who’s ever seen “Bollock, Cock and Two Smoking Tits: A Feminist Homage to the Mockney Genre” will understand), but even I wasn’t quite prepared for the spectacle of Jonathan Bowden’s “Venus Fly Trap”. (Directed by Andrea Lioy – the visionary behind the immortal “My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain”)

I’ll leave the synopsis to the Maestro: “Doctor Mordred wants to replace humans with plants. A misanthrope, he lures Dr. Falicia Fairweather into Venus’ trap. Represented by six incarnations, she wrestles with Mordred. Are they different versions of one another? We follow their battle via images of light, air, dance, horror, water, fire, tarot cards, masks and swords. Supervised by a Master of Ceremonies, each gender makes ‘love’. Who will win? Can you wait till the end to find out?”

Got that? Pretty straightforward, by Bowdenspeak standards. Doesn’t sound exactly mainstream, and there’s no mention of a car chase or a musical number to jolly things up a touch, but so far pretty much what one might expect from such a cerulean mind.

Besides taking on the Producing, co-Writing and Original Story credits, the latter-day Orson Welles also ACTED in “Venus Fly Trap”. In multiple roles. Sometimes wearing a bow tie, sometimes in a cravat and sometimes wearing a yellow tie. There’s versatility for you! But always, as with his painting, his writing, his politics and philosophy, displaying the same profound lack of understanding of even the basics of his latest adopted craft.

He gurned! He shouted! He did a ranty bit! He gurned some more! He did another ranty bit! He wore a ridiculous mask so we couldn’t see WHAT he was doing! And so it went on. For nearly an hour. And I watched every second of it. I’ll swear that “Sex Lives of the Potato Men” fair whizzed by in comparison.

I’m assuming that his female co-stars here may have the makings of half-decent actors. If their permanent air of frightened confusion whenever he came anywhere near them was actually in the script, that is.

And now he’s gone. R.I.P, Mr Bowden. You were as mad as an international convention of Hatters held inside a box of frogs suspended from a balloon, but you gave us years of innocent laughter, joyous merriment and wide-eyed, jaw-dropping, simply-bloody-amazed-at-the-sheer-extent-of-your-lunacy incredulity.

New Right Interrupted

Launched in January 2005 and modeled on the French Nouvelle droite, the ‘New Right’ is a fascist groupuscule based in London, UK, and very closely associated with the (only slightly more numerous) virtual ‘national anarchist’ groups that abound in cyberspace.

In Australia, the ‘New Right’ is Sydney-based ideologue Welf Herfurth. Along with a few dozen other radical, right-wing cranks, the ‘New Right’ made its first and largest splash back in 2007 by forming a static fascist ‘black bloc’ at that year’s anti-APEC protests. (Among those who took part in the faux bloc was Darrin Hodges, now the leading spokesperson for the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’.) During the course of the next 12 months, the ‘New Right’ participated in as many as two or three further public manifestations, each smaller than the last, before more-or-less disappearing, dissolving into other neo-Nazi and fascist projects.

Fast forward to March 2012 and the NR in the UK is also doing less than OK, having been expelled from their favourite London pub:

“We come here every week, this is outrageous” and out into the sunshine went another Nazi brandishing his collection of Nazi books. He was shuffling in desperation, waiting for someone or something to come to his aid. Thankfully, he didn’t compare his predicament to that of some kind of deemed “anti-social” element living in Nazi Germany in the bygone days he ideologically longed for. The pub had called the police to help throw them out.

Out on to the pavement in Praed Street in Paddington London, they gloomily filed. For nearly two hours their secret phone number had been blocked by antifascists and their secret meeting plans ruined. From across Britain and Europe a whole host of Nazi sympathisers had travelled for the secret meeting. While they moaned and complained, the Hope Not Hate team sat inside the pub with their European colleagues, blogged and kept an eye on them…

More here.

In other news, former BANANA Andrew White (‘Andrew Yeoman’) has established a new website, Writing of politics, Andrew expresses disappointment with his fellow BANANAs and disillusionment with the world of White nationalism.

Judging by some of the comments about him being made elsewhere by his former comrades, White/Yeoman has good reason to be butthurt.

Anti-National Translation

The Anti-National Translation blog has drawn our attention to Troy Southgate and The New Right and national anarchism in the UK.

Sadly, in the US, Andrew White (aka Andrew Yeoman)–a few months after having been denounced by Southgate as a violent, psychotic stooge–no longer distributes BANANAs online, and appears to have abandoned promoting white nationalism–for the time being, at least.

On a brighter note, Southgate’s German-born Australian follower Welf Herfurth has written a book titled A Life in the Political Wilderness published in August 2011 by Flavio Gonçalves‘ Finis Mundi. Herfurth was also MC at the Australia First party’s annual conference The Sydney Forum in September. Herfurth’s own former follower, Scott Harrison, is keeping busy alerting the world to the dangers of fluoridation and promoting the White Man’s Bible.

Parker Wilson is innocent!

In February 2011, former BANANA Parker Wilson was arrested by ZOG for assault.

Parker Wilson is innocent!

Dublin man arrested in brass knuckles attack

DUBLIN — Dublin police arrested a 20-year-old man Friday morning on suspicion of striking another man with brass knuckles after an argument at a grocery checkout line.

The incident began about 12:30 a.m. when the suspect, who police identified as Parker Wilson of Dublin, and another man got into argument at the Safeway on Dublin Boulevard, said Lt. Steve Brown. The argument led to a fight outside the store where the suspect stuck the victim with the brass knuckles.

Brown said the suspect left before police arrived, but with the help of a witness they identified Wilson, who was arrested at his home on Tamarack Drive on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Police also found brass knuckles at the home, Brown said.

The victim, whose identity was not released, was not seriously injured, Brown said.

Contact Sophia Kazmi at 925-847-2122. Follow her at

Article source:

Safeway Shoppers Fight Over Whose Turn it Was in Line
Elizabeth Shemaria
Dublin Patch
February 11, 2011

A Dublin man is being held at Santa Rita jail, police said, on assault charges after he hit another man with brass knuckles at Safeway on Dublin Boulevard early Friday.

The fight happened after two shoppers got into an argument about the availability of checkstands at Safeway about 12:30 a.m. Friday, said Dublin police Lt. Steve Brown.

Customers were waiting in a long line and when a checkstand opened up there was a dispute about who was next in line, he said.

The checker said the victim, whom police did not name, was next in line. The victim made his purchase and waited in the parking lot while his girlfriend talked on the phone.

When the man who had disagreed about whose turn it was came out, the two got into an argument in the parking lot, Brown said.

The suspect, Parker Wilson, 19, allegedly pulled out brass knuckles and hit the victim, police said.

A witness who was at Safeway during the fight identified Wilson. He was arrested Friday at his home on Tamarack Drive in Dublin.

He is being held at Santa Rita jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

BANANAs split. Again.

For the second time in as many years, and following his denunciation by former comrade Troy Southgate, Andrew White (aka ‘Andrew Yeoman’) has declared the BANANAs have- once again- split. In a post on the BANANA website dated June 15, 2011, White writes:

Suspension of Operations
June 15

Upon conferring with tribal members, this is public notice that the Bay Area National Anarchists are ceasing public activities at this time. Activities may be resumed at a future date.

Thank you for your support.

Spokesman and founder,
Andrew Yeoman

Given the short time that elapsed between the first time the BANANAs called it quits and their resumption of pea-brained ‘activism’, it’s likely that activities will indeed be resumed at a later date, although given the bad smell that surrounds the group’s name, it may also be that it will come under a new label.

As is stands, the ‘national anarchist’ project in the English-speaking world has come more or less to a standstill, with supporters either (re-)lapsing into neo-Nazi activity or simply ceasing public political activity altogether. Of related interest is the following article by Matthew N. Lyons in the US journal New Politics (April 29, 2011):

Rising Above the Herd: Keith Preston’s Authoritarian Anti-Statism

“Perhaps what I champion is not so much the anarchist as much as the ‘anarch,’ the superior individual who, out of sheer strength of will, rises above the herd in defiance and contempt of both the sheep and their masters.”

— Keith Preston, “The Thoughts That Guide Me: A Personal Reflection” (2005)[1]


Freedom from government tyranny has always been a central theme of right-wing politics in the United States. From the original Ku Klux Klan that denounced “northern military despotism” to the Tea Partiers who vilify Barack Obama as a combination of Hitler and Stalin, U.S. rightists have invoked the evil of big government to both attract popular support and justify their own oppressive policies. Witness the rise of so-called National-Anarchism (NA), an offshoot of British neonazism that has recently gained a small but fast-growing foothold in the United States. National-Anarchists advocate a decentralized system of “tribal” enclaves based on “the right of all races, ethnicities and cultural groups to organize and live separately.” National-Anarchists criticize statism of both the left and the right, including classical fascism, but they participate in neonazi networks such as and promote anti-Jewish conspiracy theories worthy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Anti-statism is a key part of National-Anarchism’s appeal and helps it to deflect the charge of fascism.[2]

Keith Preston, who calls himself a “fellow traveler” of National-Anarchism, is in some ways even more dangerous. Preston is a former left-wing anarchist who advocates a revolutionary alliance of leftist and rightist libertarians against U.S. imperialism and the state. Unlike many far rightists who claim to be “beyond left and right,” Preston actually incorporates many leftist ideas in his political philosophy and apparently is still in touch with some actual leftists. An intelligent, prolific writer, Preston has established himself over the past decade as a respected voice in libertarian, paleoconservative, and “Alternative Right” circles. His “anarcho-pluralism” represents a sophisticated reworking of far right politics that is flexible, inclusive, and appeals to widely held values such as “live and let live.” Unlike most rightist ideologies, it also has the potential to serve as a bridge between a wide variety of rightist currents such as white nationalists, Patriot/militia groups, Christian rightists, and National-Anarchists — and even some left-wing anarchists, liberal bioregionalists/environmentalists, and nationalist people of color groups.

In this article I will outline the major features of Preston’s political program, strategy, and underlying philosophy. Although Preston claims that implementing anarcho-pluralism would result in an expansion of freedom, in reality it would promote oppression and authoritarianism in smaller-scale units. Although Preston is an individualist who does not directly advocate the racial determinism and separatism of his friends the National-Anarchists, he has made it a priority to (in his own words) “collaborate with racialists and theocrats,” claiming that leftists who oppose such collaboration are the true bigots. Digging deeper, Preston’s opposition to the state is based on a radically anti-humanistic philosophy of elitism, ruthless struggle, and contempt for most people.

Preston offers a window into the larger issue of right-wing decentralism. This article will trace both the historical roots of the phenomenon and its various branches of recent decades, including libertarian, Christian rightist, neonazi, and Patriot movements in the United States. Preston blends these U.S.-based influences with ideas drawn from the European New Right, a decentralist offshoot of classical fascism, and from German Conservative Revolution figures of the 1920s and 1930s, who influenced but mostly stood outside of the Nazi movement. Preston’s own relationship with fascism is much closer than he acknowledges. While he lacks fascism’s drive to impose a single ideological vision on all spheres of society, he offers a closely related form of revolutionary right-wing populism. Above all, Preston and his rightist allies embody the main danger associated with fascism — to preempt the radical left as the main revolutionary opposition force…

The Big Neo-Nazi Crib


Have you noticed the shift in image of some neo-Nazis – a shift from the skinhead-look to an anarchist/antifascist image? Whether or not you’ve noticed, you can learn more about this recent strategy of certain factions of the neo-Nazi movement from the following analysis.

Read more at the site here.