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New Right Interrupted

Launched in January 2005 and modeled on the French Nouvelle droite, the ‘New Right’ is a fascist groupuscule based in London, UK, and very closely associated with the (only slightly more numerous) virtual ‘national anarchist’ groups that abound in cyberspace.

In Australia, the ‘New Right’ is Sydney-based ideologue Welf Herfurth. Along with a few dozen other radical, right-wing cranks, the ‘New Right’ made its first and largest splash back in 2007 by forming a static fascist ‘black bloc’ at that year’s anti-APEC protests. (Among those who took part in the faux bloc was Darrin Hodges, now the leading spokesperson for the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’.) During the course of the next 12 months, the ‘New Right’ participated in as many as two or three further public manifestations, each smaller than the last, before more-or-less disappearing, dissolving into other neo-Nazi and fascist projects.

Fast forward to March 2012 and the NR in the UK is also doing less than OK, having been expelled from their favourite London pub:

“We come here every week, this is outrageous” and out into the sunshine went another Nazi brandishing his collection of Nazi books. He was shuffling in desperation, waiting for someone or something to come to his aid. Thankfully, he didn’t compare his predicament to that of some kind of deemed “anti-social” element living in Nazi Germany in the bygone days he ideologically longed for. The pub had called the police to help throw them out.

Out on to the pavement in Praed Street in Paddington London, they gloomily filed. For nearly two hours their secret phone number had been blocked by antifascists and their secret meeting plans ruined. From across Britain and Europe a whole host of Nazi sympathisers had travelled for the secret meeting. While they moaned and complained, the Hope Not Hate team sat inside the pub with their European colleagues, blogged and kept an eye on them…

More here.

In other news, former BANANA Andrew White (‘Andrew Yeoman’) has established a new website, Writing of politics, Andrew expresses disappointment with his fellow BANANAs and disillusionment with the world of White nationalism.

Judging by some of the comments about him being made elsewhere by his former comrades, White/Yeoman has good reason to be butthurt.