BANANAs protest with and against Machetes

A group of five BANANAs, led by Andrew Yeoman, went to a cinema in Livermore, CA over the weekend, and whinged about the fact that it was showing the new Mexploitation flick Machete. The action was met with approval by other White supremacists, but the BANANAs’ foray into film criticism is not expected to resonate much beyond their immediate circle of kooks.

Livermore protesters target ‘Machete’ film as ‘anti-white’
Janis Mara
Contra Costa Times
September 4, 2010

LIVERMORE — A handful of self-described anarchists passed out fliers at a movie theater Saturday night, protesting what they called anti-white discrimination in the movie “Machete.”

“We don’t believe people should be targeted by their ethnicity,” said Steve Yeoman, founder of Bay Area National Anarchists, outside Livermore Cinemas on First Street as his group of five people handed information. The San Francisco resident also wore two cardboard facsimiles of machetes around his neck.

Yeoman, who founded the group three years ago in San Francisco, said he has not seen the movie, but based on the trailers he has seen, he feels the film should not be shown in theaters. The film tells the violent story of a Mexican immigrant and former federal police officer caught up in an anti-immigrant plot.

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