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Hail New Zealand National Frunt!

National Anarchist! is delighted to announce the publication of a new blog: New Zealand National Frunt.

Australian National Anarchists and New Zealand National Fruntists are resolved to exchange ideas and information, to campaign jointly whenever possible and to build a firm association for the future.

2009 Sydney Forum

The Sydney Forum is Australia’s second-largest annual gathering of right-wing crackpots. The paranoid wackos have one thing in common — the conviction that Jews, Freemasons, homosexuals, Gypsies, Jesuits, anarchists and communists are all agents of subversion under the control of a ruthless global elite directing world events to their advantage…

This year’s Forum attracted approximately 50 attendees. Organisers and featured speakers included David Astin, John ‘911 Was An Inside Job!’ Bursill, disgraced former Thales employee Nicole ‘I ♥ Horses. And Hitler’ Hanley, disgraced former Macquarie University academic Andrew ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ Fraser, Welf ‘Volksfront Australia’ Herfurth, James ‘110% White’ Saleam, Terrie-Anne ‘Fuck Off We’re Full’ Verney, Andrew ‘BANANAs’ Yeoman, “Harry Fritz-Gerald Beahrends” and Steve Grey.

The Forum was held on Saturday, September 26 at Petersham RSL (7 Regent Street, Petersham) and on Sunday, September 27 at The Bunker (725 Princes Highway, Tempe).

#188 (29.9.09)
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Report: (Eighth) Sydney Forum Was Another Success!

…As usual, our MC, Welf Herfurth, and our organizer Jim Saleam, did their best to ensure the administration and organization of the event on the day; we must also thank David [Astin/McBryde] and Nicole [Hanley] for zealous their [sic] work in the lead up to the Forum.

…An American speaker, Andy Yoeman [Yeoman], from San Francisco BANANAs organisation, delivered two addresses of real interest and importance. He spoke of alternative methods of political attack with community organizing and an aggressive but clever propaganda profile that uses the opposition’s foibles for advantage. He also answered many questions about the American regime and America’s present cultural, demographic and economic trends…

This year, there was a novelty on the first day. While we were expecting a demonstration on the second day, we had a ‘surprise’ in that it came on the first, outside the Petersham RSL Club. The ‘Antifa’ (read: “anti-fascists”) had located our venue from an easy ruse (one had paid for a ticket) and arrived before start-time with about 17 protesters and a couple of banners (something about smashing “Nazis”). They made a lot of noise before being moved on by police.

One significant ‘plus’ out of this nuisance was that a key libeller and inciter of violence against patriotic people, Andy Moran, a Melbourne-based leftist, was identified and photographed for the first time…

The Forum brought together people as politically diverse [sic] as New Right Australia, Australia First Party, One Nation, National Anarchists, the music scene groups Volksfront and Blood and Honour

All the usual suspects, in other words.

On September 28, the day following the Forum, four neo-Nazis belonging to Blood and Honour and the Hammerskins attacked the Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre.